An analysis of desertification in china

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A permanent solution to this problem of shifting sand dunes can be provided by planting appropriate species on the dunes to prevent further shifting and planting windbreaks and shelterbelts.

Reliance on an informal intuitive problem solving process is the main reason the environmental movement is failing to make the progress so urgently needed. Because this is so radically different from the present approach, it qualifies as a new paradigm.

The Roman Empire The Roman Empire was affected to no small degree by the effects of land degradation, soil erosion, and desertification.

Therefore it follows that an analytical approach is the best way for the environmental movement to solve the global environmental sustainability problem. Any proposition with "the only reliable way" in it is a huge claim.

Solving the environmental sustainability problem will be terribly expensive.


Can you prove this? They usually have multiple types of behavior that cause them, tenuous proof of cause and effect, a long delay in time and space, the source involves a large segment of society, and the solution is relatively expensive and complicated.

Who were then subsequently pushed out by the Arabs. Further land degradation assessments, such as assessments made by the Chinese Committee for Implementing UN Convention to Combat Desertification CCICCDwill be necessary to ensure successful decision-making, to combat increasing desertification, and to implement Western strategies.

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Displacement in time and space - Easy problems have a short displacement in time and space. In fact — though it may be funny to consider it now — Northern Africa was, at the time, the breadbasket of the Roman Empire. Difficult environmental problems have characteristics making them inherently difficult to solve.

Environmental organizations [54] work in places where deforestation and desertification are contributing to extreme poverty. If sufficient water for irrigation is at hand, any hot, cold[ citation needed ], sandy or rocky desert can be greened.

Example[ edit ] The soil of the Thar Desert in India remains dry for much of the year and is prone to wind erosion. But such exploitation never lasts forever does it? By contrast, easy environmental problems have the following fundamental factors that make them fairly easy to solve: The loss of topsoil means that plants cannot take root firmly and can be uprooted by torrential water or strong winds.

The propagation of desertification in this area is considerable. As it stands now, the annual rate of deforestation is estimated to be around Predictably, this leads to mass migration from the region to more biologically productive areas, or to cities.

Interestingly, historical evidence has shown that there have been at least three major epicenters of extreme and extensive land deterioration in addition to less extreme occurrences of course — the Mediterranean; the Mesopotamian Valley; and the loessial plateau of China, where population levels have previously been quite dense.Analysis of desertification in China In order to combating the severe increase in sandy land and a distinct trend of woodland transforming to grassland which would decrease the stability of ecosystem and its fragile properties would easily suffer from desertification.

Oct 24,  · For years, China’s deserts spread at an annual rate of more than 1, square miles. Many villages have been lost. Climate change and human activities have accelerated desertification. Another very interesting — but much more recent — example of desertification, is that of the Horqin Sandy Land in Zhalute Banner, Inner Mongolia of China.

If ever there were an example to show how fast human expansion and behavior can thoroughly destroy an environment’s live-ability, this is certainly close to it.

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Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Creeping desertification in China is swallowing thousands of square kilometres of productive soil every year. It’s a challenge of gigantic and unprecedented proportions.

The rate of desertification increased throughout the second half of last century and, although this trend has since stabilised, the situation remains very serious.

What Is an Analytical Approach?

Desertification in China is a major problem for Beijing, as the country’s deserts are growing, threatening environmental, economic, and political stability.

The Green Wall of China Following the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) inthe country embarked on history’s largest nation building exercise.

An analysis of desertification in china
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